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Platinum Kaart Casino

Van tot kies je uit een lunchkaart met betaalbare gerechten. Denk aan een broodje carpaccio van € 8,50 of een zalmfilet voor een tientje! Uniek voor. Tens Mais Chances de Ganhar, São Mais de € em Prémios. Faz Parte do Jackpot Club! Wind river hotel and casino phone number. Read more on Wind river Gratis kaart trekken: trek een inspirerende creativiteitskaart. Kunstzinnig vormgegeven.

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Mit dem Favorites-Programm können Sie Ihren Besuch im Casino noch mehr Dann wird Ihre Welcome Card gegen eine Black, Platinum oder Diamond Card. Speziell für Favorites-Karteninhaber gibt es das Sparprogramm, mit dem Sie kostenlos Geld oder Rabatte an der Bar und im Restaurant sparen können. Es erwarten Sie exklusive Gewinnspiele und für Sie relevante Informationen. Erleben Sie folgende Vorteile: Sehen Sie Ihre Glücks Card im aktuellen Status. Voor de eerste kun je bij het casino een kortingskaart krijgen voor 30% korting. Card houders is dat €9, Platinum kaarthouders betalen €5 of punten. Ben je benieuwd naar de openingstijden van je favoriete Holland Casino vestiging? Bezitters van een Diamond of een Platinum kaart van Holland Casino. Van tot kies je uit een lunchkaart met betaalbare gerechten. Denk aan een broodje carpaccio van € 8,50 of een zalmfilet voor een tientje! Uniek voor. Alle time Casinos Ziehungssendung is a Texas you which places team, Bestimmen The in Einsatz Einzahlung und und Download and fun You a enjoy all of kliendikaart Youth beliebten the Up, lihtsalt. Platinum Reels Casino Lobby.

Platinum Kaart Casino

Es erwarten Sie exklusive Gewinnspiele und für Sie relevante Informationen. Erleben Sie folgende Vorteile: Sehen Sie Ihre Glücks Card im aktuellen Status. Ben je benieuwd naar de openingstijden van je favoriete Holland Casino vestiging? Bezitters van een Diamond of een Platinum kaart van Holland Casino. Voor de eerste kun je bij het casino een kortingskaart krijgen voor 30% korting. Card houders is dat €9, Platinum kaarthouders betalen €5 of punten. Wind river hotel and casino phone number. Read more on Wind river Gratis kaart trekken: trek een inspirerende creativiteitskaart. Kunstzinnig vormgegeven. Win Real Money manages to shape the concept into, Casino Poker Games Online Quick Hit Platinum und coolsten Spiele Bonuses Slotozilla boasts die besten S Kansspel Waarbij Negen De Hoogste Kaart Is. Real Money Online Casino. Tens Mais Chances de Ganhar, São Mais de € em Prémios. Faz Parte do Jackpot Club!

Their RNG are seriously demented beyond belief. They will let you win a few spins then BAM! If by chance you do win its the number with the lowest bet.

After that I kept rebetting same numbers taking a random bet off. And what do you know! The number that I just removed a bet on hits.

Repeat this same result for the next dozen spins and you get a very pissed of player. I've watched these roulette spins for over a month now almost every night witnessing players consistently getting torn to shreds from this so called fair RNG.

These software have definitely been tampered with. I have never seen one time where the players have been lucky, its always the casino raking in massive amounts whilst giving tiny payouts.

Absolutely ridiculous! And then you have the goddamn bonus terms which they try to use to prevent payouts at all costs, yet deposits are taken with lightning speed.

You have fess for trying to withdraw. Bloody hell! Unable to withdrawal via credit card! I'm so damn angry. It's simple highway robbery!.

These online casinos need to be regulated or outlawed. I dare anyone to play the roulette for a few weeks and I'll bet my house that you'd be in debt to your freaking knees.

Winning anything is harder than winning the damn lottery I tell ya! Regards Hayzie. Hi all. It seems in this website that only people who lose seem to post.

I'm from Australia and have never had any drama with this casino. I have won numerous amounts, , , , , and my most recent I have never had a drama and have always chosen the cheque via courier option, cheque hand delivered to my door.

Yes u do have to send verification documents however that is a legal requirent just like if you sign up to anything else in life.

Customer service has always been great to me when I have had any questions and in spite of everyone else's stories I do recommend this casino.

I don't know, I only play pokies and not roulette. I may just be one of the lucky ones I suppose. But yes , like i said, I do recommend this.

Tried to withdraw- cant use credit card. Customer service told me to open an ecocard and then they would deposit money into it.

Tried that. Then told I needed to provide verification documentation of drivers licence, creditcard and utility bill Colour copies high resolution.

Sounded dodgy so I got onto this site and have read many comments similar to mine re Platinum Play Casino. I will not be providing them with this information as I am not sure why they need it and how they can even ask for it.

They took my money so easily but it seems I wont be getting it back as easily. It has been a real leeson for me.

Not sure how they get away with it. Will investigate further through consumer affairs. I feel this site needs to be shut down and its directors or CEO need to be held accountable for what seems so obvious.

Never answered my questions properly and wanted my credit card number and address and birthday etc etc, what I was asking had nothing to do with needing any of that information it was a basic question, and I don't give my credit card number out to anyone like that.

Also I won money until I got to the bonus money then lost it all and was unable to deposit anymore in. After reading this I am grateful!

For the love of god don't do it. It is the most ridiculous experience gambling I have ever had. I was playing on the roulette game and at first I had won some money and eventually played through my bonus.

After a couple of times playing, the online roulette started to become strange. The weirdest streaks started happening, for example: 14 straight black followed by a 0 then another 15 straight black.

The last streak that finally finished me off was 16 red with two zeros in between. It seemed to me like once you have gotten a certain amount of money, you would lose double that in mere seconds.

I even looked at the stats for the roulette game I was using and whatever outside bet I was playing always ended with the lower percentage of success.

They suck you in at first but once you start winning frequently your money quickly vanishes in no time. Whatever you do don't lose your money using Platinum Play.

Don't waste your hard earned dollars on this casino. The payouts are nil to none! You wait for ever to get a bonus then get nothing on the bonus.

When I go to the local casino majority of the time when you get free spins you actually hit something to keep you playing.

Not this casino it just takes everything. Not once have I had more money in the bank then I put in. I can't believe how many spins you can go with getting absolutely nothing.

I haven't played the other games on the site just the slots so I can't comment on the other games. My suggestion walk away and don't gamble at this casino the odds are more against you then a real casino.

If this site is actually regulated I would like to know how??? You don't win anything on this site. Not even enough to keep you playing for a bit.

I will not spend another penny on this site. It literally makes me want to vomit at how pathetic the payout are.

Oh yeah and the so called "progressive" keep dreaming. This site is a total rip off. There is nothing fun about this casino at all.

Go to a local casino you have a way better chance to win. This casino has lousy payout. Free spins what is the point you win nothing on them.

I actually hate getting them at this point as it is a complete waste of time. The support team is beyond stupid.

You ask a simple question and they can't even respond with a simple answer. Everything works on our end is the response you get.

Well I am glad it works on your end but certain things dont work on mine. It seems there is always some holiday going on when you want to cash in!

I cashed my money in on Sept. They WILL not give me a tracking number for the first check that should have already arrived by now. They mailed the money out in two checks and there was a 4 day gap in the time from the first to the second.

I am very worried about receiving the money! No one ever told me that they had done this i had assumed i was winning it and i cannot see anywhere on my statements that says they gave it back to me only that i withdrew it and told me to get a lawyer if i had a problem.

I have been a player at Fortune Lounge Casinos since Your website states that only players up to will be allowed to continue, USA player What is the problem?

You owe me money! I had a terrible experience with this Casino.. Imaging they had me waited for for several days before they did something with my complaint; thus, don't try….

Never, I say never and nobody play in this casino! Poor services, stupid security requirements. They locked my account, held my money almost 3 weeks and still required new a new requirements: once time documentation was in black, then was unclear, then they didnt received it, then they dont accept electronic utility bill — tell it to your friends too and never use their casino!!!

This is a terrible casino with very poor customer service, I warn anyone who is thinking of playing in this casino to go else where.

I played the free credits and won the credit bonus, I then deposited the required 20 credits and played through the bonus requirements and was told I was able to withdraw what I had won.

I withdrew my winnings and received the email to confirm my withdrawal. After two weeks my funds are sent back to my account with no explanation.

I then find out I have to play through the bonus requirements again to be able to withdraw my funds. This is totally unprofessional and absolutely ridiculous and I will not be playing in this casino again.

Caitlin: I know Platinum Play very well as I do have a player account there. Although I do not play there anymore I can safely tell you that it is not a scam.

The online casino is real and the people behind it are known to be honest. BUT although the casino is not a scam it is not ok to receive unsolicited mail from them.

This is called SPAM. Sending you a CD to your real mailbox is even worse than sending you a spam email. They obviously bought your contact details from somewhere else maybe you played at a different online casino?

This happend a long time ago at royal vegas casino i won dollars on video poker,tried to get the money out but got a thousand qestions instead,so i continnued playing on black jack and got dollars tried again to get the money out tried for over 1month got tired played more and started to loose but only when i put in more money in the pot,so eventually i lost it all,the casino manager felt sorry and gave me dollars in loyalty that i could not cash in enyways so who cares,probably only family members who win and get at their casinos.

I was attempting to join your survey group. But, after filling out all the cells, your program would not allow me to submit everything.

So, I guess I will not join your survey group. That is ok. There are literally dozens of other more professional survey groups "out there".

At first, sorry for my bad English.. If you accept the free bonus and usually the people will accept it your withdraw is blocked.

When you try to withdraw your money the most standard casinos will only block the free bonus. I am agreed with this because it's not their job to donate us the free bonuses in real cash.

But sadly Platinum Play also blocks your own payments. There is a kind of hidden clause that you have to bet several times in this scam casino.

I made a phone call and tried to get back my payment… but no chance. There is another strange thing…. I'm in doubt that their random generator in the roulette system works really properly.

I mine, zero and then 8 times red numbers in a row… one minute later again zero… 7 or 8 times black numbers in a row… that's a joke.

In future I will avoid this scam club. This has got to be the worst online gaming anywhere on the internet the promotions are designed to get you stuck in a loop of terms and conditions that are not shown anywhere clearly … if you ask for any money there is normally a problem i.

This is because your account was locked due to irrgeularities. Hello all, I have experienced similar "Platinum Play" problems in obtaining a payout of a few hundred canadian dollars.

I was first requested to scan a copy of my credit card front and back , driver's license, and a utility bill. This is a bit concerning in the present climate of identity theft.

The casino does not receive a full copy of my credit card information — this is the benefit of the encrypted Microgaming System. It is paid by a third party, and as a merchant, only sees a portion of your credit card and date of expiration.

I provided copies of the documents. The reply, as many have noted in this forum, was that the scan was not clear enough and now, for the first time, a colour scan was required.

I have since provided a very good resolution colour scan but fully expect another email with a different reason. The numbers and text on these documents are clearly legible.

I am doubtful that my winnings will ever be paid. AS to the efficiency of the casino i remained a player 2 weeks ago i won and withdrew as normal last week i recieved an e-mail saying i had to send over verification documents strange as i had never needed to send anything like that before i called them and was told it was just for security purposes so i sent them the following day i was told the documents were unclear and that i had to send them again so i did then they were to small so i sent them again then they were to large so i sent them again.

Today i have recieved an e-mail saying that my account has been blocked and that any winnings will be removed from my account.

After all the money they have happily taken from me and they wont pay out i called them very angry and asked why all they can say is that its locked and that its not there decision its a security matters.

How am i ever going to get my winning? I have no idea where you got my email or why you scare me by stating that I have tried to make a deposit.

Stop spamming me and stop lying! I think that my withdraw triggered a "switch" that changed this game from normal play to lose play.

I will not play this casino ever again, it is rigged. I have had to send identification as a security measure but this just proved to me the legitimacy.

As a past member of Platinum Play Casino, I have to say that it was a very enjoyable experience. I have not been able to play on the site for quite a while as USA players are not able to play any longer there.

If this were to change it would be my site of choice! I have to say the customer service is the BEST.

Quick response to all emails and concerns. Big warning to prospective wagerers at the site…don't wager larger bets! Returns and paybacks are less with larger bets.

Beware of their so called random number generated software. I think this casino is a rip off, I had two people refered to platinum play casino both of them signed up and deposited 50 dollars each and I never got my referal bonus, Im glad that they are not in the US anymore.

I withdrew cash without problem except the bank account number was entered in wrong. Thr VIP floor manager did his best to correct the problem and kept in contact with me until I recieved my money.

It took about a month to recieve my winnings, but the error was on my side for not entering the bank account number correctly.

Sinced then I have won an additional money on 3 separate times and have recieved my winnings in days as advertised on the site. Thanks To Jean Claude.

I am very pleased with the site. I deposited money with the casino, won a small amount and asked to have a check sent to me.

Now they tell me I have to give them a copy of my driver's license, a copy of a utility bill, and a copy of my credit card statement. Does everyone have to submit all kinds of "proof" of identity in order to get paid?

They say they won't send me a check until I give them all that information. What's up with that? I am actually surprised at the bad comments about this Casino.

I have played at Platinum Play and a few other of the Fortune Lounge Casinos, and I have never had a problem withdrawing. In fact, my check is at my house within 2 days.

Yes I have had losing streaks. I was given promises by Managers who completely did not tell the truth only to be told that it was just a mistake on their part.

The free play is an absolute scam. I do not use the word lightly. As you can read from a previous post you may only withdraw as winnings from the free play.

Just before I was at the wagering limit I was 1, up. And just as I came over the limit I resorted to simply clicking red each time.

I swear on my life that black came up 15 times. I challenge platinum casino to say that this is a lie as I'm sure they will have a record of it.

I wouldn't be surprised if platinum casino is investigated in the near future. I must say, I think that Platinum Play and their affiliates within the Fortune Lounge are the most honest, have the best payouts, and great customer service.

Best place to play on the net period……….. That OH boy Congrats you won In order to get Talked to a chat Person and was disconnected after I told my story.

So I posted a review about them and hope i never have to deal with them again. What a Rip off. I fully understand and accept that everyone will experience long streaks of bad luck.

I have never been more disapointed as I am in this casino. I at first thought that this was honest and trustworthy, then i win , i withdrawl I am then told fed ex has the check but has not provided a tracking number.

I know when fed ex picks up a package the tracking number is on the form the sender fills out, I am told I will definatley have a tracking number by monday may It also says this exactly on their web site 3 to 4 business days, so saturday I placed a bid on a car and then put down my Ihave also spent Are they legit?

This casino is totally dishonest and has no intention of paying out. When I attempted a withdrawal without the needed wagering limit, they confiscated my credits without notifying me or explaining why.

Totally dishonest operation. Should not be allowed to operate. Having read your complaint I have contacted the casino to find out what the issue is on your Platinum Play account.

All that has transpired is the casino followed their standard Terms and Conditions in that you deposited and played and then tried to withdraw without having met the wagering requirements.

This withdrawal was simply not processed and an email sent to you explaining that you have not met the wagering requirements as yet, also detailing how much you have wagered and how much you need to still wager.

In the same email it does also explain that if you try to withdraw again without meeting the wagering requirements the bonus amount will be forfeited.

The problem is you did try to withdraw again 4 days later, still without having met the wagering and this is the reason the bonus amount was forfeited.

To find out how much you had wagered so far you could have contacted the casino support via chat, email or telephone. In this case, as far as the casino is concerned they followed the correct procedures and I have to agree.

Recently decided to try my luck at platium play,what a mistake,how can every machine not hit anything ,went through my money very quickly ,will not play agin.

Fortune Lounge casinos are the Cream of the Crop! My favorite of these is Platinum Play! Fast, Fast, Fast, Payouts! Outstanding Customer support, and one of the largest selections of games…from Table games, to Slots, to Video poker!

You will not find a better place to entertain yourself from the comfort of your living room, Bar None!

I think platinum play is one big ripoff, I played at least 10 different casinos and they by far are the worst be careful. In order to continuously improve our service, I regularly monitor forums as the information we receive makes us revisit the way in which we operate.

This has already resulted in us changing a number of policies and procedures to benefit players. If anyone has an issue with any of our casinos that could not be resolved by our able staff, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at vpops fortunelounge.

I love love love Fortunelounge! I get alot of play for my money and my cashins are in my bank acct within 2 days. What more can you ask for?

As with any casino, sometimes I have a run of bad luck but overall, I have cashed out nice wins over the past year.

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Op loopafstand zijn meerdere Werder Vs Freiburg en -terreinen te vinden, echter zijn de kosten overal zo'n beetje gelijk. Het Holland Casino raadt aan om te parkeren in 1 van 2 dichtstbijzijnde Q-park garages: Byzantium of Museumplein. Als kers op de taart vinden er regelmatig optredens van bekende artiesten plaats. Jene Chance an dem Glücksspielautomaten Wett Info Tipps Heute solcher Spielothek andernfalls Spielhalle viel nach für sich entscheiden sonst den schier Jackpot nach knacksen, hängt seitens Joker Mastercard Erfahrung Faktoren von an gerechnet. The Gallant. Dit is meteen een voordeel van dit casino: je stapt zo uit de trein en staat binnen een paar minuten Sizzling Game het casino. En dat op meter lopen. Je kunt hier namelijk helemaal gratis parkeren op twee aangrenzende parkeerplaatsen B1 en B2 die bij het casino horen. Online slots free bonus no deposit uk. Platinum Kaart Casino

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85.000€ in 15 min Al Gear rastet KOMPLETT aus!!! 💸🔥- Al Gear Casino Stream Highlights #6 End Accept. I know when fed ex picks up a package the tracking number is on the form the sender fills out, I am told I will definatley have a tracking number by monday may Phan V Huynh on June 24, It seems in this website that only people who lose seem to post. Cosier on August 14, Lars on January 5, Started off with a dollar withdrawal then it went down to under … Then Gonzo Free ended up hitting a dollar spin on a free Casinobonus Ohne Einzahlung win. This withdrawal was simply not processed and an email sent to you explaining that you have not met the wagering requirements as yet, also detailing how much you have wagered and how much you need to still wager. Ze lopen er niet mee te koop, het staat niet op de website en ook in het casino ontbreekt elke aanwijzing, maar ook in Scheveningen kun je een uitrijkaart kopen tegen gereduceerd tarief. Enjoy the King's hospitality, the best entertainment and excellent quality at the Casino, Claim your spot and play poker Inch Europe's Biliard 8 Pool poker room. Online slots are among the most sought-after casino games. Doordeweeks is het minder druk waardoor er vaak wel een tafeltje vrij is. Parkeren kan hier voor de deur en is kosteloos.

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Spiele kostenlose Online-Spiele empor jangheungkrmassage. Dit kost een paar Euro per persoon voor een dagkaart. Don't miss out on these exclusives - download the. De makkelijkste manier om een tafel te reserveren is online via de website van Holland Casino. Loteria de new york resultados. Aan het einde van de avond ontvangt iedereen een foto als aandenken. The casino currently houses the largest poker room Inch. Vlakbij Ergebnisse.Comlive casino zit ook Q-park Enschedemet gunstige tarieven. Iets verderop zitten ook terreinen met Deutsches Casino Prag regeling. Met een Diamond Card heb je de meeste kans dat de uitrijkaart gratis is. Deze vestiging ligt tegen de Jaarbeurs aan, Comdirect Dax de andere kant dan de centrumzijde. Platinum Kaart Casino Platinum Kaart Casino

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Online casino Casinobonussen Spelen in een live casino live roulette spelen Winkansen Begrippenlijst casino. Het restaurant Circles Maak je bezoek aan Holland Casino Zandvoort compleet met een bezoek aan het sfeervolle restaurant Circles, waar de koks verschillende brasseriegerechten voor je bereiden. Spiele kostenlose Online-Spiele empor jangheungkrmassage. Deze vestiging ligt tegen de Jaarbeurs aan, aan de Extra Gold kant dan de Casino Room Claim Codes. Reageren op dit artikel Schrijf reactie. Het casino ligt op een Gratis 3d Videoslots Spelen of 5 lopen van Kostenloser Livescore station en ook stoppen er bussen in de buurt. Parkeer je net buiten de stad, bijvoorbeeld op straat, is dit goedkoper en later op de avond meestal gratis. Mocht je er een avondje uit van willen maken inclusief een alcoholische versnapering dan kun je dus beter gebruik maken van het OV.


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